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local territories-

These small-scale areas, such as neighborhoods, villages, city centres or small towns, are defined by the proximity between residents, visitors, businesses and politicians. They allow everyone to co-construct their living space and activities and thus have a direct impact on their daily lives.

be the architect of your territories

Do you want to develop and enhance your territory, or part of it, increase its attractiveness, improve the quality of life and well-being of its current and future residents and users?

Whether you are a local representative, a public authority or a parapublic institution, we can assist you in the analysis, design, and evaluation of your strategic territorial development projects, thanks to a collaborative approach and in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.

We support you from the reflection phase on the development of your territory until the achievement of your goals and suggestions of improvement are verified, for a better impact of your projects.

Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and their 169 targets, 17 of them are relevant at the local territories level and fulfill our commitment.


Our objective is to develop the strengths of local territories to attract and retain residents, visitors and businesses, and to co-create coherent and convivial areas.


that's where there is…

a quality of life

 happy residents

 welcoming businesses

 delighted tourists

Laoulia is the asset of the elected officials to make their territory a place where it is good to live, work and stroll.

your local territories

center of towns and villages 

Revitalize to improve living conditions and the well-being of local actors

new local territories

 Enhance territorial potential and  local identitiesto propose new ways of apprehending spaces

Areas of activities and development 

Reinventing these peripheral areas to meet

users expectations

rural areas and villages

develop their strengths ans preserve their identity to face the many challenges they have

districts and peripheral areas

Integrate the residents and other stakeholders of the neighborhood into the projects in order to ensure a quality living environment thats respect its own identity

sustainable and responsible tourism

how to strike a balance between a sustainable tourism and the well-being of welcomed and hosted people