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Our services are based on the conception, the accompaniment, and the evaluation of sustainable territorial projects.

We are available for a particular service or for a combination of services.

We help public actors who wish to have a positive impact on the local ecosystem for which they are responsible.

In this perspective, we accompany them in their territorial approaches to improve the well-being and services to citizens, businesses, and users.


Loulia | analyse territoriale

Before any project, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the territory, its organization, its uses, and its issues.

This analytical phase help to identify the singularities, the dynamics, and the potential of the territory in all its dimensions.

It also highlights the major questions regarding the future and encourages reflection and exchanges between actors.

It is therefore a prerequisite for strategic thinking.


Territorial diagnosis

Socio-economic analysis

Analysis of the needs, expectations, and satisfaction of users

Analysis of behavior and usage


Field visits, sensitive walks, desk research and analysis, map reading,

focus groups, creative sessions, collaborative website, surveys,

consultation with resource persons, mystery surveys, SWOT analysis, benchmarkings, segmentation, schematic spatial representations, etc.


Laoulia |  stratégie territoriale

Regarding the complexity and the constant evolution of territories and their characteristics, it is necessary to define a clear and realistic development strategy.

The strategy is built on the issues and opportunities identified during the diagnosis, according to a systemic approach and taking into account the goals of sustainable development.

It is both a participatory and forecasting work.


Attractiveness and development

Creation of a territorial brand

Adjustment of organizational structures 

Improvement of services to citizens

integration of the concept of sustainable development


Focus discussion, elaboration of programs and action plans, formulation of criteria and measurement indicators, communication plan, creation of identity, cartographies, formulation of the strategic project

project management

Laoulia | pilotage de projets territoriaux

This phase includes the operational implementation and the support of the previously defined strategy.

It includes both the animation of the various monitoring and/or steering committees, and the monitoring of the progress - on time and within the budget and the objectives set.


Setting up / leading a steering committee

Selection and coordination of stakeholders

Project management and animation, change management

Communication and involvement of stakeholders

Testing of prototypes

Monitoring of success indicators


Dashboards, project monitoring tools, public communication sessions, facilitation of cross-functional working groups, 360° communication tools, usage analysis

Laoulia | évaluation de projets territoriaux


Because of the impact of territorial projects on citizens, users of infrastructures and services, the environment, and public finances, it is important to ensure the proper use of all resources and the success of the project.

The evaluation can be carried out during the project or at the end of the first phase.

These independent analyses leads to the improvement and the redefinition of the project.

It is then also a steering tool in itself.  


Outsourced evaluation of public policies, programs, and projects

Process and implementation evaluation (efficiency)

Evaluation of the achievement of objectives and effects (effectiveness)

Audit of organization and systems

Impact measurement

Evaluative support, self-evaluation


Data collection and analysis (surveys, interviews, documents, focus groups, observation, statistics, ...), analysis of success indicators, integration of stakeholders and users in the process