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Because offering places where it is good to live, work and stroll is essential, our key words are: attractiveness, highlighting, enhancement, conviviality, sustainability and requalification of local areas.

attractiveness of medium-sized city and village centers

Laoulia | thème "attractivité des centres de villes moyennes et des bourgs"

The decline in the dynamism and attractiveness of city and village centers has to do both with the competition between city centers and outskirts and with the malfunctioning of the property supply or with inadequate political choices.

Their revitalization is necessary to improve living conditions and the well-being of residents and local actors.

This requires the ability of centers to reinvent themselves and to find new models adapted to their size, their location, and new consumer trends. 

keywords : economic attractiveness, residential attractiveness, city-management, urban animation, neighborhood identity, co-creation of living areas

identity and enhancement of new


Laoulia | thème "identité et valorisation des nouveaux territoires"

Territorial dynamics represent less and less institutional and administrative breakdowns.

Identity is more built through history, flows, geography, culture, and the uses of areas.

Following mergers of municipalities or the creation of inter-municipalities, it frequently happens that the attachment or identification with these places needs to be rebuilt, to redefine a "home".

Developing the potential of the territories is the solution to make them attractive without distorting their identity and the positive feeling of the current users.


Keywords : territories image, culture, places of living, friendly places, animations, communication, community initiatives, adjustment and enhancement of services, economic development strategy , rallying around common projects, social links development, daily life changes,  territorial level

towards a sustainable and responsible tourism

Laoulia | thème "vers un tourisme durable et responsable"

Sustainable tourism includes several forms of tourism that respect the environment and are concerned with the well-being of the host populations: solidarity tourism, ethical tourism, eco-tourism, etc.

Today, the main challenge of tourism is to find coherence in the territory and between the different uses while ensuring the respect of three fundamental principles:

  • Social aspect: sustainable cohabitation between tourists and inhabitants, intercultural tolerance
  • Environmental aspect: preservation of natural resources and heritage of the territories
  • Economic aspect: balance of economic and social benefits, and viable and sustainable employability

keywords: slow tourism, attractiveness of natural parks, eco-responsible initiatives, workation, inclusive tourism concepts, digital tourism tools

highlighting of rural areas and


Laoulia | thème  "mise en lumière des espaces ruraux et des villages"

Rural areas have different realities, described by the neologisms "urban countryside and urban sprawl", "rural tourism", "rural agriculture and industry", or "fragile rural".

However, they all have the same issues: tensions between neo-rural and historical inhabitants, development of spaces to make them more attractive, preservation of their own identity and relevance.


keywords : consultation and participation of public and private actors, territorial projects, creativity of local actors, encouragement of population initiatives, innovation

conviviality of neighborhoods, peripheral housing areas

Laoulia | convivialité des quartiers et des zones d'habitat périphériques

A neighborhood is a complex local territory: both a specific entity and a area dependent on the environment in which it evolves.

It has its own identity, built by its history, structures, activities, behaviors, and the social ties of the local population.

The environment and quality of life are therefore the basis of the notion of neighborhood.

Residents and users play a major role in the dynamism and the conviviality of the neighborhood and to create real living spaces.


keywords: co-création of district developments, image and reputation of the district, attractiveness of the district and accompanying measures, urban enhancement, social mix, animation of the district, platforms for the life of the district (carpooling, exchange of services, ...)

rehabilitation of activity and

development areas

Laoulia | thème "requalification des zones d'activités ou d'aménagement

These areas located on the outskirts, which used to be attractive because of the availability of affordable land, good road access and separation of functions, have become landlocked territories.

They are no longer in line with the new paradigms based on the reduction of land consumption and car dependency the new ways of working and living and the companies' interests in social and 

environmental responsibility.

It is now essential to give a new role to these weakened areas and to transform them.


keywords: urban entry points, mix of functions, economic attractiveness, neighborhood image, quality of services, uses and needs, establishment of new activities, physical and social links with the urban and natural environment, consultation with users, strategic position