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who we are

who we are

our values


We care about the needs of our clients and end-users.

We encourage a king relationship with our stakeholders, we truly listen to them in order to bring them value.

We respect ourselves and our customers and partners: there are no grey areas and no false promises.


We like to lear from new horizons and enrich our perspectives (travel, new places to live).

We are curious to learn and see diversity as an assetWe are inspired by the latest trends to enrich our knowledge


We have chosen to become entrepreneurs to contribute to a society in line with our convictions.

We dare to propose new solutions that will best meet our clients' needs, even if they are atypical.

our history

Laoulia is the result of a meeting between two independent consultants, Claudine Morier and Pascale Hemmer,

who share values and a common approach to enhance local territories and make them attractive while ensuring their user-friendliness for all.

Laoulia | Combinaison de services


Laoulia | Pascale Hemmer

Town and country planner, specialized in local economic development.

Marketing strategy, institutional communication and events expertise, as well as in socio-economic and behavioral studies. 

Experience in local and international marketing campaigns, realization of territorial attractiveness studies at different scales (from the neighborhood to the regional level) and change management.

Awareness of issues related to sensitive neighborhoods, town centers and villages, culture, and sustainable development.

"I have had the opportunity to live and work in different countries (France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland), and the plurality of territories, their identity and their intrinsic values have always been of particular importance in my way of life. I am convinced that the friendliness of a territory has a important impact on the well-being of the current and future residents and visitors".

Belgian-Luxembourgish, Pascale currently lives in Switzerland.

Spoken languages: French, English”. 

Belgian-Luxembourgish, Pascale currently lives in Switzerland.

Spoken languages: French, English


Laoulia | Claudine Morier

Political scientist, expert in public administration and evaluator specialized in the management of complex, multidimensional and transversal projects.

Experience in conducting projects using qualitative, quantitative and participatory research methods.

Expertise in energy, environment, regulatory impact analysis, federalism, and public policy in general.

"I have been marked by a distant territory since my birth in Chile, which gave me a taste for other places and languages and led me to live abroad (New Zealand, Canada and Berlin) and in several Swiss cities (Fribourg, Lucerne, Biel, Bern).

However, I still have a deep attachment to the French-speaking part of Switzerland, especially to the Canton of Vaud where I grew up. I am fascinated by the diversity of the places where people live, and I am convinced that public authorities have a role to play in promoting the well-being of citizens through their participative and coherent planning".

Claudine is Swiss and currently lives in Spain.

Spoken languages: French, German, English, Spanish

our approach

We rely on the existing assets of the territories. Our objective is not to “reinvent the wheel” to make something new at all costs, but to respond first to the interest of our clients and users.


We use a participative approach to co-construct a territorial project that meets the real needs and expectations of all stakeholders.   

We take into account the multiple dimensions of the project (geographical, economic, environmental, cultural, values, etc.).

We work in partnership with experts within our vast network to best meet the needs of our clients.